Smart Logbook is a mobile app designed to help pilots log their flights. This Privacy Policy describes what information it collects and how we use and protect that information.

Every flight you log with Smart Logbook is saved to a database residing on your phone. This database is only accessible to Smart Logbook.

Smart Logbook can also sync your flights to our servers. If you enable sync, all of your flight data (route, times, aircraft, etc.) is uploaded. The app transmits your data via a secure HTTPS connection. On the server, your data is protected by an access-control policy that ensures it can only be accessed by your device/account. We never share your flight data with anyone.

The primary purpose of the server copy is to restore your flights in case your phone is lost or stolen. It also simplifies upgrading to a new phone and allows you to use Smart Logbook on multiple devices (e.g. a phone and tablet).

We may use aggregate flight data to improve Smart Logbook. For example, if we detect that many pilots log flights to or from airports that are not included in our bundled database of airports, we might add those airports in the next version.

Syncing flights to our servers requires an account. Your account is used to verify your identity, and enables the app to sync your data between different devices. You can optionally sign in with your Google or Apple account. If you do, Smart Logbook does not have access to data stored in your Google or iCloud account.

If the Smart Logbook app crashes, we collect and upload diagnostic information. For example, we send information about which particular piece of code caused the crash. We use this data only for debugging and fixing Smart Logbook. The report includes anonymous details about your device (e.g. make and model) but no personal details about you.

A few Smart Logbook features require permissions that sometimes have privacy implications:

  1. The app uses your phone's GPS to detect your departure/destination airport. However, once we find the airport, we discard the raw location data. It is never recorded on the phone or uploaded anywhere. Also, the airport detection feature can be disabled entirely via the Settings screen.
  2. The Android version of the app can read and write your phone's USB storage (e.g. SD Card). It uses this capability only when you choose to import or export your flights to USB storage, and it only reads/writes the Smart Logbook data file.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, just email us at and we'll be happy to answer them!